Legal Advocacy & Courthouse Services

McHenry County Government Center
Turning Point, Inc. provides legal advocacy to victims of domestic violence at the McHenry County Government Center on 2200 N. Seminary in Woodstock, IL.
All services are free and have a Spanish speaking advocate available.

Orders of Protection

What is it? An ORDER OF PROTECTION is a complete no-contact, stay away order that can be granted to a victim of domestic violence who may be experiencing physical abuse, threats of physical abuse, or harassment.
It can also remove an abuser from a shared home, deal with shared property issues, and remove a victim’s phone number from an abuser’s control.
A victim does not need to have contacted the police or filed a police report before qualifying for an order of protection. A victim also does not need to present any evidence, such as text messages, police reports, or photographs, in order to be granted an emergency order of protection.
Orders of protection cannot be filed overnight, during the weekend, or on court holidays.

What Happens at the Courthouse?

Judges expect to see victims who are seeking emergency orders of protection as close to the most recent abusive incident as possible.
While orders of protection can only be granted by a judge, our Turning Point legal advocate can ensure that a victim’s paperwork is properly prepared so that they have the best chance of having their order granted to them.
For assistance with an emergency order of protection, please plan on spending at least two hours at the courthouse.
A Turning Point, Inc. legal advocate is always present in the order of protection courtroom, to provide emotional support and guidance when victims return to court for the OP hearings.

Turning Point, Inc. Legal Advocates will provide:

  • Spanish bicultural/bilingual services
  • Assistance to those victims who need to file emergency orders of protection
  • Our legal advocates are always present in the order of protection courtroom, to provide emotional support and guidance when victims return to court for OP hearings
  • Referrals to legal resources, both in the courthouse and in the community, as well as referrals to private attorneys
Interpretation services are available at the courthouse.

Purposes of the Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986

  • Recognizes domestic violence as a serious crime
  • Requires police make a written report on all domestic violence calls
  • Requires accessible victim services at no cost
  • Protects family and household members, including spouses, ex-spouses, past or current dating relationships, persons living together, parents, children, and stepchildren, people who share a child or people related by blood or marriage.
Turning Point, Inc. Legal Advocates are not licensed attorneys.

If you feel unsafe, don’t wait...Call 911.
For more information on orders of protection, Call our Helpline 815.338.8081

“Thanks to ALL who make Turning Point possible.
My life is changed and better for it.“

-Group Counseling Client