Alternatives to Abuse

alternative to abuse program
A psycho-educational program designed to help clients identify abusive behaviors in their relationships and learn new skills to resolve conflict successfully. Evaluation required and a fee will apply. Program is offered in English and Spanish.

Who Can Join:

We offer services to individuals who are court-ordered or anyone that wants to improve their intimate relationship and find solutions for the conflicts that come from day-to-day stressors.

What You Learn:

Eight themes that focus on eliminating abusive behaviors and building healthy relationships where both people are getting their needs met and can communicate openly and honestly.
You say you’d do anything to improve your relationship; THE TIME IS NOW and we can help.
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“The Alternatives to Abuse program has shown me a whole new way of looking at my life”

-Alternatives to Abuse Client

“The Alternatives to Abuse program opened my eyes to empathy and understanding my actions have lasting and often unforeseen consequences.”

-Alternatives to Abuse Client

“I am forever grateful for the Alternatives to Abuse program.”

-Alternatives to Abuse Client